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Birmingham's Bond Testing Specialists

The best way to ensure that your safety wires, screws and bolts are all reliable and, above all, safe is by having comprehensive bond testing carried out by Birmingham's experts at Southern Drilling.

If you're undertaking any air conditioning installation, window cleaning work or steel fabrication on commercial buildings or construction sites, why not rely on our proven, trusted and reliable bond testing service. Utilised by industrial and commercial clients across Birmingham and the rest of the UK, our bond testing services offer a simple, accurate and fast way of testing the strength of any concrete structure or wall.

Our surface bond testing service is available throughout the whole of the Midlands, including Birmingham, so wherever you are based, call us today on 01474 822785 to arrange your free survey and no obligation bond testing quotation.

How bond testing works

Our professional and specialist bond testing service is designed to efficiently and accurately test the strength of any wall structure. Having bonded a steel disc to the surface with an adhesive, our surface bond testers will then utilise the very best equipment and technologies to 'pull' the disc away from the wall. Using this bond testing equipment, including the Hydrajaws Model 2000 Material Bond Tester, our highly experienced and dedicated team can quickly and accurately determine the bonding strength of a wide range of materials, including resin coatings, enamels, plastics, concrete, laminates and screeds.

Our bond testing service is ideal for any Birmingham commercial building or site where window cleaning, construction, air conditioning installation or steel fabrication project is being carried out.

Highly accurate and fast strength testing

As the strength of the bond is greater than that of the material under stress, it will eventually fail in tension. Our highly experienced and professionalo bond testing team will then use these results to calculate a nominal tensile strength for the material in your specific structure or wall. This will then allow you to quickly and accurately fit and install anchors, safety wires and bolts that will both support you and prevent structure failure in the future; bond testing is a vital tool during any industrial or commercial construction project.

Bond testing guidance and advice

If, during our surface bond testing service, we do find immediate or even potential problems, our highly skilled and experienced bond testing team will tell you immediately and provide you with impartial and honest advice and guidance on your next steps and who you need to contact to get the situation rectified.

Our surface bond testing service will save you costly future repairs or even replacements. It will also save you a potential problem with your building or working environment before it can truly develop. As our bond testing systems can accurately and quickly determine the tensile strength of your materials and walls, you will know exactly how much pressure can be applied to the surface and therefore never have concerns over future repairs or material failure.

As one of the UK's leading bond testing companies, we offer our bond testing services to commercial and industrial customers across Birmingham. So contact us today to discuss your bond testing requirements with one of our experienced and friendly diamond drilling and pull out testing team and arrange your free survey and no obligation quotation. 

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