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High Quality Diamond Drilling and Scanning Services for Surveyors

When you're undertaking any surveyance work, it's imperative that not only do you have the correct information on all aspects of the build but also that you work closely with experienced and fully qualified diamond drilling, pull out testing and CAT scanning specialists. 

At Southern Drilling, we specialise in providing surveyors from across the whole of the UK with the finest and safest CAT scanning, diamond drilling and pull out testing solutions.

With decades of experience, a highly talented and skilled team and the very best drilling, scanning and testing equipment from the industry's leading names, we are relied upon and trusted by surveyors throughout the UK. So why not join them? Call us today on 01474 822785 to discuss your requirements with one of our team and arrange your free survey and no obligation quotation at your convenience. 

Diamond drilling expertise

Diamond drilling offers a very accurate and effective way of cutting through any type of structure without causing damage. More accurate than many other percussive drilling techniques, our diamond drilling also offers the advantage of being incredibly quiet at all times, meaning it can be utilised at any commercial or industrial location.

In addition, our diamond drilling equipment is incredibly versatile and can be deployed on almost any material, including glass, asphalt, metal, tile and stone. Our talented and fully qualified team will utilise the very best percussion drilling equipment to create precise holes wherever you need them, including holes for the placement or anchoring of bolts, small holes for pipes and wiring, concrete sample analysis or the creation of large openings for ducts. 

Professional and accurate CAT scanning

Our professional and highly accurate CAT scanning tool will efficiently and quickly detect cabling and pipework and save you the problem of potential cable or pipe damage and the costly repairs, personal injury and delays that can sometimes occur as a result. 

With over 4 million km of cabling and pipes buried under ground across the UK, it's vital that any excavation work is done with safety in mind at all times. The best possible way to ensure this is with effective and accurate CAT scanning from the UK's best at Southern Drilling.

The very best pull out testing solutions

To ensure the safety and reliability of an anchor for whatever you want to use it for, it is imperative to have on site fixings tests and stress testing carried out on the anchor bolts. We will utilise the very latest equipment and technology and the expertise and experience of our highly skilled and talented team to provide an accurate and quick analysis of the problem. Providing a mechanical method to quickly expand a sample size and detail whether you have a freak breakage or a more serious problem with the materials or design, our stress load testing is often called for when anchor bolt problems are reported. We'll apply the same stress loads to a range of different anchor bolts to help us quickly identify the problem and find the most suitable solution.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly and experienced team.

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