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Drilling and Scanning for Structural Engineers

Working across the whole of the UK, we work with a wide variety of structural engineers, providing the very best shear testing, pull out testing, ferro scanning and diamond drilling solutions. 

At Southern Drilling, we specialise in providing safe, effective, affordable and fast testing, scanning and drilling solutions that are tried and trusted by structural engineers throughout the whole of the UK. 

As you would expect from one of the UK's best, we combine decades of industry expertise and experience, the very latest shear testing, ferro scanning, diamond drilling and pull out testing equipment and a highly skilled and hugely talented team to provide the very best drilling and scanning solutions. So why not join the other structural engineers from across the UK in hiring Southern Drilling? Call us today on 01474 822785 to discuss your requirements with one of our team and arrange your free survey and no obligation quotation at your convenience. 

first class shear testing

Shear testing is one of the quickest and most effective ways of accurately and efficiently testing fixings and fastenings. Generally, shear forces will cause one surface of a particular material to move in a single direction and the other surface to move in the opposite direction. This therefore ensures that the material involved is stressed in a sliding motion. These tests differ from compression and tension tests, as the forces applied are parallel to the two contact surfaces, meanwhile in tension and compression tests they are perpendicular to the contact surface.

Pull out testing expertise

To ensure the safety and reliability of an anchor for whatever you need to use it for, it is incredibly important to have professional on site fixings tests and stress testing carried out on all anchor bolts. We utilise the very best equipment and technology and take advantage of the expertise and experience of our highly skilled and talented team to provide a quick and accurate analysis of the problem. Providing a mechanical method to quickly and accurately expand a sample size and detail whether you have a serious problem with the design or materials or just a freak breakage, our stress load testing is often utilised when anchor bolt problems are reported. We'll apply the same stress loads to a range of different anchor bolts to help us quickly identify the problem and find the most suitable solution.

Professional and accurate ferro scanning

Before you start any drilling or structural changes, it is absolutely imperative to know exactly where important cabling, pipework and structural features are located. Our high quality X-Scan ferro scanning equipment will tell you exactly that. Able to accurately and very quickly locate all kinds of objects in multiple layers, up to a maximum of 450mm in cured concrete, meaning that you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you will be nowhere near important structural supports or vital pipework.

The very best diamond drilling solutions

Our specialist diamond drilling service offers a safe, accurate and effective way of cutting through almost any type of structure without causing any damage. More accurate than other percussive drilling techniques, our diamond drilling equipment also provides the additional benefit of being incredibly quiet throughout the process, making it ideal for any commercial or industrial location.

In addition to this, our superb diamond drilling equipment is very versatile and can be deployed on almost any surface or material, including glass, stone, asphalt, metal or tile. Our professional, expericned and fully qualified team will use the very best percussion drilling equipment to precisely create holes wherever you need them, including for concrete sample analysis, the creation of large openings for holes or ducts for the placement or anchoring of bolts and small holes for pipes and wiring.

Contact us today to discuss your structural engineering requirements with one of our friendly and experienced team.

Southern Drilling Company Van

Why Choose Us?

  • Extensive expertise
  • The latest Hiltti PS1000 and PROCEQ equipment
  • Fast, accurate scanning detection service
  • Adaptable to floors, walls, soffits even curved surfaces
  • Fast 2D and detailed 3D scan options
  • Scan for obstructions and structural weaknesses
  • Available on site fast across the UK

Diamond Drilling And Sawing Across The South East

We provide our wall and floor sawing and diamond drilling services to commercial and industrial clients across Kent, Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Sussex, London, Essex and the rest of the UK.

Our expert team have recently completed projects for clients in Bromley, Dartford, Chatham, Canterbury, Dover, Faversham, MaidstoneSlough, Ashford, BeckenhamGillingham, Portsmouth, Orpington, Luton, Clacton, Southampton, Hastings, Croydon, Oxford, Chelmsford, Gravesend, London, Watford, Colchester, StevenageBristolHemel Hempstead, Basildon, Ipswich, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Rochester.

Construction Fixings Approved Tester
Construction Fixings Approved Distributor

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You can find full details of our expert services on the diamond drilling and sawing, controlled demolition and crunching and Chasing and General construction pages of this website.

We also welcome enquiries at any time, experienced members of the team are always on hand to answer questions; contact us at Southern Drilling today to arrange a no obligation survey and quotation.