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What are the Advantages of Diamond Drilling?

Diamond drilling is commonly used throughout the construction and industrial sectors.

But why exactly is that? Well, there are a number of reasons why diamond drilling is becoming the most widely utilised and trusted drilling option.

Drill through just about any material!

By applying a diamond drill bit to your equipment, you can drill through just about any wall or floor material quickly and efficiently. Faster and more effective than conventional drilling, diamond drilling makes light work of any concrete, wall or brickwork structure.

Highly accurate drilling

Compared to the more conventional drilling methods, diamond drilling offers a far more accurate cutting potential. This not only means that any drilling work is carried out to an even higher standard, but also that there is a reduced risk of inadvertently causing damage to the nearby structures. As an additional bonus, the higher accuracy also sees less debris being produced, which can save you both disposal costs and time.

It's ideal for any working environment

Suitable for use in even the most difficult or unique of working environments, diamond drilling equipment is incredibly lightweight and portable. Able to be used in confined spaces, and even underwater, our diamond drilling machinery can also be operated by remote control 

Very little noise pollution

Using diamond drilling equipment instead of the more traditional and conventional alternatives creates very little noise or dust. Not only does this mean a more comfortable environment for any members of the public working or living nearby, but also the ability to work without disturbing other workers.

Allows for unique and unconventional drilling opportunities

The diamond drilling equipment we utilise is manufactured by the very best and features the very latest technologies and advancements. This means that we can tailor our drilling services around the individual needs of each client, so no matter how challenging or unique your diamond drilling requirements, we'll provide the ultimate solution.

Diamond drilling offers a number of benefits compared to its more traditional and conventional cousins. So call the UK's experts at Southern Drilling today to find out how we'll assist you with your construction or development project. 

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