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Pull Out Testing Equipment

We utilise a diverse range of the very best pull out testing equipment from Hydrajaws ranging from eyebolt and scaffold testers to heavy duty 145Kn failure load testers. Our diverse range of portable pull out testing equipment available;

2000 medium duty tension tester 25Kn
Medium Tension TesterAllowing engineers to confirm the strength of anchors across most construction materials, the medium duty tester has a tensile load up to 25Kn. The tester directly accommodates fixings up to M16 and many more utilising adaptors, features Traceable Calibration Certificated analogue gauge and sudden load release protection.

2008 heavy duty tester 145Kn
Heavy Duty TesterDesigned to test the largest construction fittings this portable tester is surprisingly compact and lightweight utilising a hand ratchet driven hydraulic multiplier and fully integrated digital gauge. A 145Kn test capacity is possible on fixings including M12, M16, M20, M24 and M30, making this pull out tester ideal for large scale proof and failure load testing of most kinds including expanding and resin anchors, cast in sockets, stanchion base plate holding down bolts, crash barrier anchorage testing or bridge parapet anchors.

Hydrajaws scaffold tester
Scaffolding TesterThe latest guidance requires preliminary testing and proof tests of scaffold anchors to meet HSE scaffolding protocols, the requirements are for a tensile strength of 1.5 times the design load. Our tester kit can pull scaffolds up to 20Kn utilising an adapted 2000 tension tester, supplied with load spreading bridge, hex legs, bolt tester adaptor, M16 threaded stud adaptor, M12 Clevis adaptor with lock and a calibration certificate.

Safety eyebolt and ringbolt testers
Eyebolt TestersDesigned to fully test safety harness eyebolts to BS5845, BS7883:2005, BS 788:2005 and BS EN795 the tester can pull to 15Kn on ladder restraint hooks or ringbolts in concrete and masonry. The kit includes the tester, M12 locking adaptor and Clevis, M12 threaded stud Coupler, load spreading bridge, hex extension legs and 22mm AF operating nut.

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