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What are the Advantages of CAT Scanning?

CAT scanning is one of the most trusted and relied upon methods of tracing and identifying cables and underground pipework systems across the UK.

There are many reasons for this; and they are exactly why many of our Kent, London and UK clients take advantage of the CAT scanning service we offer!

Quickly determine the location and depth of pipes and cables

The main advantage and benefit to having CAT scanning carried out during your excavation or drilling project is that it will very quickly and accurately give you all the information you need to safely drill through the ground or other structures. Thanks to CAT scanning, you will know exactly where all cables, pipework and other underground utilities are located, making it easy to drill and excavate without destroying any important utilities.

The equipment is very easy to handle and highly portable

CAT scanning is one of the easiest and most accurate ways of identifying and determining the location of pipework, cables and other utilities, especially underground. Highly portable and easy to handle, CAT scanning equipment makes light work of any commercial or industrial environment, meaning it's ideal for any excavation or drilling project.

CAT Scanning equipment can be used in almost any ground conditions

The beauty of our CAT scanning equipment is that it can be easily used in almost any ground conditions. Manufactured by the biggest names in the industry, the CAT scanning equipment we use during any project we undertake can very quickly scan for underground utilities, no matter what the soil conditions or even if there are drains, sewers or other non-metallic ducts.

Incredibly easy to use and understand technology

While being an incredibly important and vital tool during any excavation or drilling project, CAT scanning equipment is actually very easy to use and understand. All it takes it one push of a button and you can start locating and identifying pipework, cabling and other underground utilities.

Automatic pinpointing as standard

The CAT scanning machines on the market today all come with the very useful 'Automatic Pinpointing' feature equipped as standard. This essentially means that you won't manually have to adjust the sensitivity of the pipework and cabling locator; it will do that for you. This makes locating buried cables and pipes incredibly easy and simple. 

As you can see, there are a multitude of benefits to having CAT scanning carried out during your UK drilling or excavation project. So contact Southern Drilling today to discuss your excavation or drilling project and how CAT scanning can help. 

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