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Proceq GP8000 Scan

Don’t risk drilling through important pipework, utility services or structural supports

We use the most accurate and effective Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology and Proceq scanning equipment on the market today, the Proceq GP8000 to ensure that you know every hidden aspect of the structure before any drilling, coring work or design changes are made.

Before undertaking any drilling or structural changes, it's absolutely vital that you know exactly where pipework and other important structural features are located along with utility services. Our GPR equipment will tell you exactly that. Able to locate all kinds of objects in multiple layers up to a maximum of 800mm in cured concrete, bridge decks, pavements and natural ground, meaning you can be safe in the knowledge that you are nowhere near important structural supports, vital pipework or utility services.



GP 8000 and GP 8800 Software

These images show what other perspectives we can include within our reports. This shows the rebar found in the slab in a rendered model, and displays the colour gradients that we can apply to indicate different depths of the rebar.

Ferro scan

1. This is the first view of the previous picture, except this indicates a 2D version of the reinforcement in the sab.

Found rebar

2. This is another example of the rebar found on site. It indicates where the reinforcement is in the slab and once in the augmented reality view it can be raised out of the slab to see a better perspective of the depths and pattern.

rebar underside

3. An alternative view of the same section of reinforcement which shows the underside of the rebar which allows for a more in depth structural analysis by the clients engineer for the slab in question.


If you know exactly what is in the wall, slab, column or ground, and where it is, you avoid hitting any steel reinforcing, pipework, services or structural supports. This prevention method is crucial in ensuring costs are kept to a minimum and the Health and Safety of all involved is prioritised. Using the latest software available Southern Drilling Ltd can produce a detailed digital report indicating locations scanned and the specific details for every location. This includes photographic evidence as well as the 3D models of what we find. This will be sent in a PDF format and can be issued within hours of completing the survey.


Using pulse technology, the GP8000, manufactured by industry experts Proceq, detects anything in the required ground, slab or wall area and provides expert data analysis, evaluation and report generation that are visible both in the field, including a 3D augmented reality view, raw data view or a rotatable 3D image post scan on an iPad. This also includes a full generated report sent to the office. Downloaded information can be used to create detailed documents with diagrams & data for analysis by our GPR engineers in real time.


GPR scanning is regularly used in a variety of different applications and for a wide range of customers, such as:

  • Nuclear Power Industry
  • Excavation Works
  • Highway Inspection
  • Communications
  • Power Networks

Applications include:

  • Drilling and coring in concrete structures
  • Marking the layout of embedded objects in structures required for drilling, including rebar and conduits
  • Non-destructive inspection of bridges e.g. the location of tendons
  • Locating objects in the floor, including heating pipes


First Class GPR

First class GPR Ferro Scanning

The pictures display what our GPR software can deliver on site and in person. Both views are of an augmented reality view of the rebar found in the slab. The left is a 3D model of the rebar which has been elevated so the client can see a better perspective in real time what is in the slab. The picture on the right is a 2D coloured version of the rebar found in the slab.

Operating throughout the British Isles, we specialise in the use of the very latest and most effective Proceq Ground penetrating radar equipment to accurately analyse structural concrete and supports along with service detection at commercial, residential and industrial properties across the whole of the UK.
Our experienced engineers at Southern Drilling Ltd have the capability of providing a fast accurate & commercially viable GPR and diamond drilling services across the UK, including Manchester, Nottingham, Glasgow, Cardiff, Leeds, Newcastle, Oxford, Cambridge, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leicester, Bradford, Ipswich, Gloucester, Bristol, Stoke, Sheffield, Bromley, Hastings, Chatham, Hemel Hempstead, Canterbury, Basildon, Gillingham, Chelmsford, Dover, Southampton, Faversham, Portsmouth, Stevenage, Maidstone, Slough, Tunbridge Wells, Ashford, Croydon, Beckenham, Orpington, Dartford, Colchester, London, Tonbridge and Rochester. No matter where you are based across Kent, London, Berkshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire, arrange your survey and no obligation ferro scan quotation at your convenience today; simply call our expert ferro scanning team on 01474 822785.

Contact us today to discuss your GPR analysis requirements with one of our experienced team.

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