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Ashford's Very Best Concrete Bursting Solutions

Working across Ashford and Kent, we specialise in providing the very best concrete bursting solutions to a variety of commercial and industrial clients. 

Whenever you are ever having concrete or rubble cleared away, it is absolutely vital to make sure that it is undertaken in a controlled and safe way by experienced and dedicated professionals with decades of expertise. At Southern Drilling, we have engineers with over three decades of concrete bursting and controlled demolition experience who know the most effective and safest way of drilling holes to weaken the blocks of concrete before utilising expanding hydraulic bursters to crack and break them down.

So if your Ashford construction or building site has got large areas of concrete, with no easy way to crack or break them down, our specialist concrete bursting service is the most efficient and fastest solution. As one of the South East's leading controlled demolition and concrete bursting companies, we utilise the very best equipment to make fast and safe work of any blocks of concrete that would otherwise be very difficult to remove.

If you would like to know more or you want to arrange your free and no obligation quotation and Ashford site survey, call us now on 01474 822785, or get in touch with us through our contact form.

Clearing large areas with concrete bursting

When you have got large areas that would normally be difficult to clear and break down, removing concrete can quite often be a painfully slow process. In fact, a lot of the time it can cause a slow to production or demolition, forcing workers to have to break the concrete down themselves however they can. However, with Southern Drilling's specialist concrete bursting and controlled demolition service, your concrete blocks will be cracked and broken down much faster, letting you get back on with your construction work as soon as possible.

Our professional and specialist concrete bursting team also carry full accreditation and certification, which enables them to undertake more specialised services or even work in high-risk environments. This means that no matter where your site across Ashford, we have demolition engineers and experts that will quickly and easily solve your problem. In fact, we have full IPAF certifications for hard to reach spaces as well as plant machinery certificates, CCNSG safety passports and are happy to meet any requirements needed for concrete bursting on a project.

Quality concrete bursting across Ashford

Based in Rochester, we offer our concrete bursting service to customers across Kent, including Ashford. To find out more about how our concrete bursting works and how it might work for you, then call today on 01474 822785, or visit our contact page to send us a message and discuss your requirements with us. Speak to one of our friendly and professional engineers today to arrange your free, no obligation quotation and site survey at your convenience.

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