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Bromley's Shear Testing Specialists

Working across Kent, London and the South East, including Bromley, we specialise in providing private, commercial and industrial clients with the highest quality, most accurate and reliable shear testing. 

As one of London and the South East's leading pull out testing and diamond drilling specialists, we provide commercial, industrial and private clients from across Kent and Bromley with the highest quality and most accurate shear testing solutions. Designed to quickly and accurately apply stress to a test sample to accurately determine whether it will be able to withstand potential levels of shear forces and stress, our specialist shear testing and diamond drilling service is perfect for the fast, accurate and efficient testing of a variety of fastenings and fixings, including nuts, bolts and screws.

It is incredibly important that you have your bolts, screws, fixings and fastenings safely, accurately and regularly shear tested to avoid potentially costly failures in the future. We therefore utilise the highest quality and very latest materials and equipment to quickly, efficiently and accurately carry out shear tests at premises across Kent and London, including Bromley, so arrange your free proeprty survey and no obligation quotation at your convenience by calling our experienced and dedicated shear testing and diamond drilling team on 01474 822785

How shear testing works

Our specialist shear testing service is one of the quickest and most effective ways of accurately testing fastenings and fixings. Usually, shear forces cause one surface of a particular structure or material to move in one direction and the other surface to move in the opposite direction. This ensures that the material involved is stressed in a simple sliding motion. Our specialist, accurate and unique tests differ greatly from tension and compression tests, as the forces applied are parallel to the two contact surfaces, meanwhile in tension and compression tests they are perpendicular to the contact surface.  

Why is shear testing important?

Stress testing and shear testing are absolutely essential, given they determine the shear strength of the material or structure and therefore the maximum shear stress that it is able to withstand before failure begins. In fact, this is actually one of the most vital and important design characteristics of many types of fixings and fastenings like bolts and screws. For example, if a small fastener fails in shear, it could potentially lead to a much bigger chain of failures that could even lead to the entire destruction of a large building or structure. That is why it is incredibly important to have your fixings and fastenings accurately tested by experienced professionals, like the ones here at Southern Drilling.  

A wide range of materials tested

There are a wide range of different materials that are frequently tested in shear, including adhesives, rigid substrates and layered composites. The common rigid substrates that may be shear tested may be composed of ceramics, woods, plastics, metals and composites but usually come in a solid form that is often used as building materials or fasteners. We will also test adhesives, as these are likely to experience shear stress when the materials are pulled in opposite directions in an attempt to slide them apart.  

Contact us today to discuss your Bromley shear testing and stress testing requirements with one of our helpful and friendly team; who will arrange your free property survey and no obligation shear testing quotation at your convenience.

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