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Professional Controlled Demolition in Bromley

Providing safe and highly experienced controlled demolitions for companies working in Bromley and across the UK.

If you need demolition services in tight spaces, or that won't disturb people for miles around, then Southern Drilling's controlled demolition service is the perfect solution. All of our demolition experts have many, many years working in the industry, providing services to countless companies in Bromley all across the UK. Using a combination of modern, industry leading equipment that includes non-explosive controlled bursting, hydraulic or 3-phase equipment, expanding grout and robotic tools, we provide the highest quality service for our customers.

To find out more about our Bromley controlled demolition services, then call us today on 01474 822785, or get in touch with us through our contact form to arrange your FREE, no obligation quotation or site survey at your convenience.

Efficient and Quiet Controlled Demolition

Ensuring a safe and quiet controlled demolition is key in may projects that may be confined to tight spaces, or in a neighbourhood with private homes, or other businesses across Bromley. It may be difficult to carry this out with your current workforce, which is why the experts at Southern Drilling are on hand. With high safety standards and highly experienced demolition experts, we will come to your site and carry out controlled demolitions in a secure and stable environment.

We pride ourselves in our customer service and ability to work with all manner of companies and work forces. Alongside our controlled demolition service we offer concrete bursting and silent concrete crunching to remove any stubborn debris stopping you from continuing with your project.

Safe Controlled Demolition Carried Out In Bromley

Based in Rochester, Kent, we provide a safe and highly professional controlled demolition service for customers in Bromley and across the whole of the UK. If you would like to learn more about our controlled demolition services then give us a call today on 01474 822785, or visit our contact page to send a message and arrange your FREE, no obligation quotation and site survey at your earliest convenience.

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