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Specialist CAT Scanning Across London

Effective CAT scanning makes a huge difference to any planned excavation work across London.

Working across London, we specialise in professional and accurate CAT scanning that quickly and effectively detects cabling and pipework and saves you the problem of potential cable or pipe damage and the personal injuries, delays and costly repairs that can take place as a result. 

At Southern Drilling, we work across London, providing private, industrial and commercial clients with the highest quality, reliable and affordable CAT scanning services.

For the accurate, reliable and fast detection of cabling and pipework by qualified and experienced professionals, call London's leading CAT scanning company at Southern Drilling today. Call us now on 01474 822785 for a friendly conversation and no obligation quotation.

cat scANNING ENSURES THE quick identification of underground utilities

If you're planning, or already undertaking any excavation or demolition work across London, it's vitally important that you know exactly where any electricity, telecommunications, water or gas services are located.

At Southern Drilling, we utilise the very latest CAT scanning technology and equipment to provide you with the most accurate, reliable and effective identification and locations of any London underground network.

We'll keep you and your clients safe

With millions of kilometres of cables and pipes buried underground across London and the rest of the UK, it's of huge importance that any excavation work is undertaken with safety in mind at all times. One of the best and most affordable ways of doing is by taking advantage of the accurate and effective CAT scanning from Southern Drilling. 

GUARANTEEING well-planned excavations across london at all times

Save yourself potential costly repairs of cabling and pipework in the future; have your potential excavation area accurately and professionally scanned by experienced and knowledgeable CAT scanning experts. Knowing exactly where any cables or pipes are will dramatically reduce the risk of personal injury to your operatives or any third party and potential delays during the excavation or demolition work too.  

Flexible and adaptable to any situation

The CAT scanning equipment we use for clients across London can be tailored to suit any requirement or situation. Even if the location of precise access points is not known, or the required area is hard to reach or difficult to get to, our cable avoidance tools will provide a highly accurate, reliable and cost effective solution, whether operating over concrete slabs or grass areas we can reduce the risk!

We work across London and the Home Counties & the rest of the UK, providing fast and reliable CAT scanning services to industrial, construction and commercial clients. So call our expert team today to discuss your requirements and arrange your survey and no obligation CAT scanning quotation. 

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