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London's Wire Sawing Specialists!

If you need heavily reinforced concrete removed quickly in London, Southern Drilling have the perfect wire sawing solution for you!

Carrying out work across London and the rest of the UK, we specialise in fast, effective and safe wire sawing for a very competitive price. As one of London's leading diamond drilling companies, we guarantee high quality wire sawing solutions that are proven to get the best results, every time!

Offering an unlimited depth of cut, either horizontal or vertical angled cutting and the ability to be used in even the most confined and challenging of spaces, our wire sawing service makes quick work of any concrete structure. So if you're undertaking a construction or demolition project, look no further for your wire sawing necessities with London's experts at Southern Drilling. Call us on 01474 822785 and we'll arrange your FREE property survey and no obligation quotation at your convenience. 

Just what are the advantages of wire sawing?

  • Fumeless, fast and flexible
  • Electric and hydraulic machines
  • A non-percussive and low noise output method
  • Vertical and horizontal angled cutting
  • Underwater wire sawing
  • Unlimited depth of cut
  • Smooth and straight cut face
  • Up to 2500mm in diameter
  • Circular opening also possible
  • Able to be used in a confined space

Safe, professional and effective wire sawing across london

Make good use of one of the most affordable and accurate drilling and sawing options on the London market! Fast and effective at removing large and heavy sections of heavily reinforced concrete and other structures, wire sawing is ideal for any situation; whether it be removing columns or concrete beams or a bridge deck. Especially suitable where access is otherwise a problem, our wire sawing offers precise and fast sawing regardless of how unique or challenging the location or requirements.  

Proven and Fast sawing

Utilising electric or high-frequency hydraulic wire sawing equipment is the fastest and most accurate way of efficiently cutting through heavily reinforced walls and concrete. Able to handle even the deepest of concrete structures, our wire sawing method boasts cutting speeds of up to one square metre per hour. Whatever your London wire sawing requirements and no matter what your project needs, we'll provide the ultimate, reliable and most cost effective wire sawing solution.

Contact us today to discuss your London wire sawing requirements with one of our experienced and friendly team. 

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