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Safe Controlled Demolition in Sussex

Utilising the very best and safest plant equipment, we provide incredibly accurate, fast and safe concrete bursting and controlled demolition solutions across Sussex and the South East.    

When space is limited, disruption needs to be minimal and quiet, and that is exactly what our specialist controlled demolition service provides. Working across Sussex and the South East, we provide a comprehensive variety of general construction and controlled demolition services, combining a highly skilled and experienced controlled demolitions team and well-maintained equipment to deliver quiet, fast and safe concrete crunching and controlled demolition solutions. 

So for the safest and highest quality concrete bursting and controlled demolition services from Sussex's experts, speak to Southern Drilling today. Call our dedicated and experienced team now on 01474 822785 to arrange your free survey and quotation. 

As one of Sussex and the South East's leading concrete bursting and diamond drilling companies, we provide clients from throughout the region with a wide variety of controlled demolition services. In fact, we provide everything from controlled demolition and silent concrete crunching to concrete bursting. Our full variety of services includes: 

Silent concrete crunching

Available in a multitude of different capacities, including 250mm, 300mm and 350mm, our specialist equipment crunches concrete with giant claws, reducing everything quickly to rubble, without vibration, noise or water requirements.

Controlled demolition

We specialise in effective and safe controlled demolition services and concrete bursting projects where minimal noise and disruption is absolutely essential. Utilising a wide variety of high quality and modern equipment that includes 3-phase or hydraulic equipment, robotic tools, expanding grout and non-explosive concrete bursting, our team take on all types of safe and highly controlled demolition services.  

Concrete bursting

As concrete bursting is a highly destructive process that involves the drilling of holes in concrete to safely weaken it before expanding grout or hydraulic bursters are used to crack and break it down, it is incredibly important that it is carried out by experienced and professional drilling teams. When it comes to controlled demolition and concrete bursting, we have decades of expertise and experience. We utilise this experience during any controlled demolition project to provide our industrial and commercial clients across Sussex and the rest of the UK with the safest and highest quality services at all times. 

Along with our other teams, many members of our controlled demolition, concrete crunching and concrete bursting team also carry certification and accreditation to carry out more specialist services or even work in high risk environments. We maintain full IPAF certification for those hard to reach spaces, as well as a wide range of other plant machinery certificates. We also recently gained CCNSG safety passports for a power station project and are happy to meet any concrete bursting or controlled demolition requirements for any other certification essential to a project. 

Delivering quality, service and all the paperwork

As one of Sussex's leading names in controlled demolition, we pride ourselves on delivering high standards throughout our business and customer service, offering extensive experience in making perfect holes with diamond drills and other aspects of controlled demolition services. We use a specialist external controlled demolition consultant to help us set our safety policy and always deliver full paperwork including risk assessments and method statements as part of the controlled demolition service.

If you would like to know any more about our controlled demolition and concrete crunching services across Sussex, do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 01474 822785 or fill out the enquiry form on the right-hand side of this page.

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