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Dover's best wall sawing specialists

Accurate and precise wall sawing carried out by the professionals at Southern Drilling

Our team are not only equipped with over 30 years industry experience but also the most high quality diamond drilling equipment to provide rapid, mess free wall sawing solutions in Dover and across Kent. For all your wall sawing requirements, you can guarantee a professional service with one of Dover's leading diamond drilling and controlled demolition companies. 

We specialise in providing customers with affordable and extensive wall sawing and diamond drilling that enables us to rapidly, causiously and accurately cut through any reinforced concrete wall to an incredible depth of 750mm. So whatever requirements you have, we will provide the most effective, proven and trusted wall sawing solutions for your Dover premises.  

Arrange your FREE survey and no obligation quotation at your convenience; call Dover's leading wall sawing experts at Southern Drilling today on 01474 822785.

The most efficient and effective method of cutting through walls

As one of the leading diamond drilling and wall sawing companies, you can be guaranteed that we only ever use the very latest equipment; which is exactly why we utilise high quality track mounted sawing systems and diamond blades to quickly and effectively cut through any wall structure. So no matter if you're making way for doors or windows, making your wall shorter or having any structural modification undertaken, you know that Southern Drilling can provide you with a professional solution that you will be more than satisfied with. 

why should we hire the experts at southern drilling?

Thinking of hiring Southern Drilling to carry out wall sawing for you at your Dover? Here's why you should;

  • Free from fumes
  • Fast and versatile wall sawing
  • Highly effective and efficient sawing
  • Remote controlled operation for increased safety
  • Precise remedial works
  • Precision sawing of up to depths of 1000mm
  • A range of sawing and cutting options, including inverted, stair cutting, angle and flush cutting

utilising the latest industry wall sawing equipment 

Our wall sawing solutions and systems can provide several advantages to your projects in Dover and throughout Kent, as due to their flexible and lightweight properties, they are ideal for any application or situation where heavier equipment and saws are simply not feasible. Remotely operated, our highly effective and light sawing systems remove the possibility of potential vibration and also reduce the noise levels generated during every single demolition project. 

Based in Rochester, we work all throughout Kent, including Dover, providing wall sawing services with professionalism for all of our commercial and industrial clients. So contact us today to discuss your requirements with one of our experienced and friendly drilling and wall sawing team. 

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